Own a roller garage door? Follow these maintenance tips

Caring for roller garage doors is a task that is not on everyone’s spring cleaning list. However, if you want to keep our garage doors functional, maintaining it seasonally will prolong its longevity. Aside from that, it helps you save money from repairs or replacement if you don’t take care of it properly. Here are a few tips to help you keep your garage doors in tip-top shape, whether it’s residential or commercial:

Pay attention to sounds and noises

You shouldn’t overlook squeaking, scraping, or grating sounds whenever you open your roller garage doors. These are often the first signs of a problem. When this happens, check the cables, pulleys, or springs and make sure that they are all aligned. And watch out for jerking movements—a good roller garage door should open and close quietly without jerking.

Remove debris from the tracks

One of the culprits of stuck roller garage doors is debris that gets stuck in the tracks. Therefore, make sure to check the tracks often and remove any debris. Rust can also form and deteriorate the tracks, so cleaning it regularly will help prevent this.

Replace the rollers

Garage door rollers are that mushroom-shaped parts at the far edge of the doors. It allows the doors to operate smoothly and quietly. It also prevents unnecessary stress on the hinges. Inspect the rollers and replace them twice every year to ensure that your doors don’t creak or jerk whenever you open them. You can do this yourself or contact garage door manufacturers Melbourne has so they can professionally replace it for you. roller garage doors

Test the door’s balance

Testing the balance of your roller garage doors will help you determine if the garage door springs are in good shape. If it’s improperly balanced, the springs and opener will have to work harder, which wears them out quickly. To test this, pull the release handle on the opener and lift it halfway open. If it remains in place without you holding it, that means the door is balanced. Otherwise, it’s imbalanced and you should replace the springs.

Lubricate the door

Regularly lubricating the door’s moving parts will help it last longer and function easier. When you lubricate the parts, such as the openers, rollers, and springs, it lessens the stress on these parts and makes them last longer. Use a garage door lubricant that is specifically made for these. You can buy this in a hardware store, which usually comes in a spray can. Avoid using grease or oil since it doesn’t penetrate well and picks up grit and dust.

Keep the door clean

Aside from maintaining the moving parts of a garage door, keeping it clean and pleasant-looking is also important. Steel garage doors should be checked for rust. You should prime and paint it from deteriorating. Moreover, you should inspect wooden garage doors for water damages and repaint them if necessary.


Keeping your garage doors well-maintained is important in your property’s security. Additionally, it also makes the property look pleasing and adds more value to it. When selecting garage roller doors Melbourne offers, choose Eco Garage Doors. They offer superior-quality garage doors for residential and commercial use. Visit their website for more details.