Developing an Office Recycling Scheme: Top Tips for Reducing Office Paper Waste

Within most offices, paper waste is likely to be the largest waste stream. Although many businesses may operate an office recycling scheme to recycle this paper, there are many simple steps that that can be taken to reduce the volume of paper waste in the first place. Setting up an office recycling scheme is something that all businesses can do to help the environment. Be it as simple as changing the trash bins or as elaborate as contacting paper bin suppliers to make customized recycling designer bins for your office, if it means reducing your office’s paper waste, it is worth doing. Even if you work in a small office with less than ten people around, there are still steps you can take to recycle some of your waste.

This article explores the essential tips for setting up a successful recycling scheme at work.

Check if you really need to print a document

One of the main causes of paper waste is often the simple fact that many people print out documents that don’t really need to be printed. For example, when sending a memo around the office, why not send an email or place a single copy on a notice board, rather than printing out a dozen copies for each person.

And if you do need it printed, preview documents on-screen before printing

How many times have you printed out something and then realized you have made a spelling mistake or put the wrong date? Although naturally, mistakes do happen, it is a good idea to get in the habit of proofreading documents on screen before printing.

Print multiple pages double-sided

Although this may not always be practical, such as when printing out important letters, there are many occasions when it would be perfectly acceptable to print documents double-sided. Most modern printers are capable of printing double sided and you can usually set up your computer software to print double sided as default.

Look after your equipment

Make sure your office printers and photocopiers are kept in good working order. By doing this you can not only help to extend the life of the equipment, but you can also help to reduce paper jams, poor quality print-outs, and getting bigger trash cans from garbage bin suppliers from EcoBin.

Reuse waste paper

Encourage employees to get in the habit of reusing paper whenever possible. The paper that has been printed on only one side can be collected and reused for fax machines, photocopiers or for making notes on. Trays and wheelie bin recycling places can be placed around the office to collect this paper to be reused before being sent for recycling.

Monitor, educate and encourage your workers

As a company manager, it is important that the recycling scheme is monitored on a regular basis, especially during the initial stages. Depending on the size of the office, it can often be beneficial to make somebody, or even a group of people, responsible for the recycling scheme. As with setting up an office recycling scheme, it is important that workers are educated and encouraged about the importance and benefits of reducing paper waste. Contact your garbage bin suppliers for recycling bins and make reducing paper waste a vital part of your recycling campaign. You can also visit their website for more details at

Post Author: Jennifer Evans