Get Pearly Whites with the Help of Tooth Whitening Techniques and Products

Tooth whitening or tooth bleaching is the restoration of original tooth shade. It may also mean whitening beyond original or natural tooth color. It involves the removal of either discoloration or the stains, hence improving the appearance of teeth. Every specialist in tooth whitening Calamvale or any other part of Brisbane has, uses a variety of products and techniques during this process. It can be done either at home or within the office of a dentist.

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Tooth whitening in Calamvale is mainly done after a patient undertakes a dental exam. This helps the dentists determine the cause of the problem, hence knowing the right whitening method to apply to ensure intended results are attained. In the course of this process, bleach solutions are applied to the concerned teeth. These solutions work on organic particles that give teeth a stained appearance. Bleaching is commonly used when dealing with brown and yellow stains.

Causes of teeth discoloration or staining

Extrinsic staining occurs when the tooth comes into contact with substances such as tobacco and foods (like tea, coffee, and wine) that contain tannins. Intrinsic tooth discoloration happens when enamel loses its original and youthful translucency hence becoming less porous after which it acquires a yellow appearance. This condition may also occur when teeth are exposed to excess antibiotic tetracycline or fluoride during tooth formation. If you are interested in services such as Calamvale tooth whitening, you need to know the type and the cause of discoloration.

Tooth Whitening Options Available

Professional tooth whitening

In this case, highly concentrated products such as whitening gels are used. These products are not found over the counter and are only used by experts in tooth whitening Calamvale has at present. It is not safe to use such products at home. During in-office whitening, a specialist applies a gel to the teeth of the patient and leaves it on for around sixty minutes. Most specialists in tooth whitening Calamvale has at now use appropriate light or heat source in the course of this procedure to enhance the bleaching action.

During take-home whitening process, the dentist gives the service seeker custom-made mouth trays that are made using thin and flexible plastic material. The individual receiving treatment is required to fill them with whitening substance and let them stay on his or her teeth for a given period of time.

Over-the-counter tooth whitening

In this case, products with lower concentrations are used. Intended results can only be acquired if the patient follows the instructions provided by either the dentist or the manufacturer. Whitening strips have an appearance similar to that of clear adhesive bandages. They are stuck onto the surface of the tooth being treated and left there for about 30 minutes. This is done twice every day for one or two weeks.

When it comes to brush-on whitening technique, a small brush is used to apply gel onto the teeth and left there overnight. Whitening gum technique is appropriate for people who are habitual gum-chewers. They are required to chew at least eight pieces in a single day. Whitening toothpaste have polishing agents or special chemicals capable of removing plaque or surface stains from the teeth. If you are interested in acquiring services such as the best tooth whitening Calamvale dentists provide, start by consulting widely. For more information, just visit us at

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