Now, get round the clock Medical Services with an After Hours GP

It is very difficult to find doctors after practice hours or on weekends and holidays in an emergency. However, many clinics and hospitals in Brisbane have started after hours services to help patients who need immediate treatment. The after hours general practitioner gives you the required treatment till your own gp takes over. Brisbane is famous for its prompt and quality medical services.

How to find an after hours gp

There are special clinics and departments in hospitals to give the patients the same services that are available during the practice hours. You can visit websites like  and find a gp or an after hours clinic in your area by mentioning your location on the website. The after hours general practitioner can be met at the clinic or the hospital. The gp can visit the home of the patient in case the patient is unable to come to the doctor. Also, the gp can provide tele-health service to the client by giving medical advice on the helpline.

What is the procedure of the treatment

You can book an appointment on the phone or online. If you call the after hours general practitioner helpline, then a registered medical practitioner or nurse makes an assessment of your condition on the basis of your symptoms and then offers you a callback from a gp. The gp calls you back and gets more details on your condition. At the end of the call, the gp gives you a care advice summary. This summary is sent to you as well as your regular gp via email, SMS or fax so that your gp is aware of the situation. In case of an emergency, an ambulance is sent and the patient is taken to the nearest hospital for immediate treatment. Visit us SmartClinics

Services offered after hours

Every gp after hours Brisbane has offers advice and treatment of various conditions like ear, nose and throat infections, gastrointestinal, skin, respiratory and urinary problems, accident care, minor cuts and burns, rashes, sprains and strains. The after hours clinics and hospital departments also provide radiology and pathology services. Plasters, dressing of wounds and wound reviews are given when needed. Quality treatment is offered by experienced, caring and qualified medical personnel so that you can rest be assured that you are in safe hands.

Fees charged by an after hours gp

Mostly every after hours gp Brisbane has now provides his/her services at the standard rates. However, rebates and concessions, as well as bulk-billing facilities, are given to all the patients; especially to health care card holders to give the patients and their families some relief in such trying circumstances.


The after hours gp Brisbane has for residents is available when your gp’s clinic is closed. These services are available on weekdays from 6:00 pm to 8am; on Saturdays from midday and on Sundays and public holidays, these services are available all day. So visit after hours gp in Brisbane to get treatment for people of all ages or take medical advice online by visiting websites like the one mentioned above the next time you need help after hours.

Post Author: Jennifer Evans